Your Google Home speaker is now also an intercom


One of the niftiest features of Google Home is now available for owners of the smart speaker after support for ‘Broadcast’ rolled out.

The new addition allows you to push messages or reminders across a network of Home devices to mimic an in-home intercom system.

So rather than calling up to kids that dinner is about to be served, or getting them to wake up for school, Google Home can pass the message on. To activate it, simply say “Ok Google, broadcast…” and then add the desired message. (For a dinner time reminder, the device will a ring a bell on connected Homes.)

It’s cute in theory but, if you’re kids are anything like mine (and me when I was younger, for that matter), the broadcast will likely only serve as a warning that an adult is about coming up to nag unless you get out of bed, or come down for dinner right now. Still, that’s something to advance a first-world problem.

First announced at Google’s October 4 Pixel event, Broadcast is rolling out this week in English to Google Home speakers and phones in the U.S., Australia, Canada and the U.K.. Other expansions will come later, Google said.

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